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The Next Normal: Let’s Reimagine The Future - Together

There's no question that Covid-19 has had a profound and irreversible impact on every aspect of normal life. After all, we are living through the consequences of this global health and economic crisis every day. The relevant question is: what does the next normal look like? And the answer is simply that we don’t know - yet.

What we do know is that the next normal doesn't look like the new normal. The term 'new normal' emerged from the 2008 global financial crisis. The world picked itself up, looked around and largely settled back into the old normal. This time, however, there is no old normal to settle back into.

Shared Ethos: Reset. Rethink. Rebuild.

Then again, the current crisis offers us a valuable opportunity to reset, rethink, and rebuild as we re-imagine our future together. This collaborative ethos sits at the heart of what defines The HighCare Factor as brands in our sector work together, look ahead, and support each other in a knowledge economy. As we align, it will be vital to nurture a positive attitude and practical mindset while staying grounded in proven insights, experience - and the sector's current realities.

Starting The Conversation

At the start of the crisis, HAVI led an insights survey to help start the next normal conversation. You can read the survey results here. In addition, our experts put together a starter tip sheet which offers guidance on restarting business, securing supply – and doing so safely. You can download a free copy of the tip sheet here .

Looking ahead, we see opportunities to use The HighCare Factor channel to continue the conversation and report our progress towards – among other priorities – resetting, rethinking, and rebuilding our future in the next normal.

Contributing Author: Gwendy Krijger

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