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5 Steps To Start Your Digital Supply Chain Transformation Journey

In the third and final follow-up on our recent supply chain insights webinar in Asia, Andrew Chang, Director, Digital Supply Chain, and Digital Products, Asia, offers five starting points for resetting, rethinking, and rebuilding your supply chain for the digital age.

Step 1: Start building a digital mindset

Introduce simple measures such as actively managing your data, challenging your teams to be more data-driven when making decisions, and using data visuals to prepare for the digital journey ahead.

Step 2: Make continuous improvement a priority

Looking for opportunities to improve keeps you agile along the digital journey. You do not need to wait for a multi-million project to get approval before starting. Start small by – for example – collecting historical transaction data and review your current target inventory settings.

Step 3: Improve the way you communicate pain points

The way we tell others about pain points and problems is critical to finding effective digital solutions. Getting better at storytelling helps to align stakeholders behind your objectives and win their buy-in.

Step 4: Set up a governance structure that wins buy-in

Governance structures are not just for leadership oversight. They are critical to deploying expert support where it is most needed and achieving alignment on potentially challenging issues.

Step 5: Get connected!

In this digitally accelerated, VUCA world, getting close to the right people is more important than ever. Connecting is key to building a stronger, more resilient, and digitally-driven supply chain.

Watch and get the full insights

If you’d like to hear Andrew Chang’s insights in detail, you can view his full 20-minutes presentation here.

NOTE ON VIDEO STREAMING: For countries where Vimeo is banned (e.g. Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and China to name a few), we have placed a second version for our readers inside the blog for your viewing... scroll down please,


Contributing Authors: Gwendy Krijger, Andrew Chang, Joy Ding


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